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    Animal Biotechnology Centre

Animal Biotechnology Centre

Dr.B. C. Sarkhel

Biotechnology is highly multidisciplinary and fastest growing discipline, and past one decade has witnessed a Biotechnology Boom worldwide in the form of development of a wide range of new products including antibiotics, recombinant and synthetic vaccines monoclonal antibodies, microbial proteins, recombinant hormones, production of valuable transgenic and cloned animals. The maximal exploitation of Biotechnological devices through these modern technologies is the only potential tool to maximize the livestock and agricultural produce of the state in the shortest possible time.

Looking to the tremendous potential of biotechnology for improving the socio-economic status of farmers, tribals and other weaker sections of society, Madhya Pradesh Government has sanctioned a project on Establishment of Biotechnology centre at JNKVV, Jabalpur, funded by Madhya Pradesh State Agriculture Cooperative Board (Mandi Cess Fund), Bhopal with the budget outlay worth of Rs. 7.43 crore.

2. Mission

Exploitation of genetic resources of the state through modern biotechnological tools for maximizing livestock productivity of the state of Madhya Pradesh.

3. Mandate
1.To develop human resources in the field of Biotechnology.
2.To conduct research in the areas of Animal Biotechnology .
3.To disseminate the technologies to the farmers through extension activities and trainings to farmers.

4. Objectives
1. Human resource development in Animal Biotechnology.
2. Characterization and conservation of Animal genetics resource using reproductive and molecular techniques.
3. Diagnosis of animal diseases using molecular and Elisa base techniques.
4. Production of recombinant vaccines and monoclonal anti bodies.
5. Embryo biotechnology for livestock improvement and conservation through IVF and ETT.
6. Development of clone and transgenic animals for improving the livestock productivity.

Dr. B.C. Sarkhel
Dr. A.P. Singh
Dr. Tripti Jain
Dr. Rohita Gupta
Associated Staff
Dr. S.K. Jain
Dr. Varsha Sharma
Dr. B.S. Gehlaut